MOISELLE Resort 2021 Collection

MOISELLE Resort 2021 collection is composed of four themes: Under the Sea, 
Cowgirls Band, Colourful Amazon Fantasy, and Minimal. The collection reflects the essentials and the simple, and is also full of aristocratic texture, which will become everyday joys and the richness of nature, and easily and happily convey the summer atmosphere.

Under the Sea
Natural elements are the source of inspiration for the design, taking the ocean as one of the themes, the main tone ranges from dark blue to light blue, matched with sequins and other costumes, shaping the glint of sunlight like the sea reflecting the sun, aiming to bring a unique experience of leisure and gorgeousness.

Cowgirls Band
The image of the western cowboy and American style are inseparable, matching with cowboy boots in a bohemian style to create a gorgeous rock style fashion for young and lovely girls, surrounded by earth tones, prints, flannel, embroidery and the key item – shorts.

Colourful Amazon Fantasy
With pastel colour as the one of main theme, the whole theme is created with distinct gradations that refined the pastel color to the papery and ubiquitous everlasting, the colour from pink to red exudes coquettish charm.

Minimalist styling, promoted from prosperity to simple and practical fashion, bringing completely different new themes, from style to colour, such as White Minimalism, Black and White Classic, and Navy Sailor came up with a simple word, the most basic luxury is simplicity.

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