agnès b SS2020 Paris Runway Collection

agnès b SS2020 Paris Runway Collection themed <In Our Garden, At Night> and Agnès presents a versatile wardrobe that fulfils the desire and need of an urban modern woman.  A play between different combination of fabrics and colours: from linen to cotton jersey; from the classic black and white, to aqua blue and acidic colours that are inspired by arts, music and street styles.

Black has always been an important code in Agnès’s design. The collection idea begins with a look in black with a touch of bold colours that hint the summer vibrant energy is breaking through cold winter.

The rock street chic silhouette with a sporty motif exudes absolute femininity. The beloved workwear is revisited with gold zips to give playsuits a modern look, while the long gilet is paired with swimwear and a cap to give a rock beach style.

The monochrome motif continues to an interpretation of an androgynous series for work and special occasions. Men’s suit tailoring is being applied to the women’s clothing: a 3-piece suit combines a leather gilet that beautifully contrasts with a fluid pants.

A black and white photo of Agnes’s garden taken at night is transformed into a fluid sleeveless dress. This season Agnès collaborates with famous artist Adrien Beau to create a special black and white print which is the map of Paris featuring the brand first boutique on «Rue du Jour».

Printed with intricate techniques in Italy, the fabric is then cut and sewn by hand into off-shoulder flowing dresses.

The blue sky and the ocean emerge as the collection goes on with an expedition theme inspired by Tara – a non-profit making effort dedicated to sustainability.  A blue camouflage enhanced by spangles evokes the waves of the sea, while the double-face denim twin set invite you to a voyage to South of France.

A photo of the Arcades square in Biot is reinterpreted into a bi-fabric long dress. The profusion of Mediterranean colours matches with ultra-soft jersey to illustrate the effortless chic.

This season, the essential workwear continues to evolve in shapes and colours. New colour codes such as blue-grey, kaki and pink add a touch of femininity to look.  Jumpsuits and overalls are revisited with more variations such as shorts or long dresses, which can be paired with wide shirts or pullovers.

Linen has been used to create multiple looks: from the most casual to the most elegant. The iconic navy blue v-neck snap cardigan is paired with a long gray linen snap skirt with a slide slit. Stripes and polka dots create rhythm to natural colours such as white and beige.

Faithful to the brand’s tradition, the SS2020 Collection includes a wedding gown look for men and women. This time, the wedding dress is printed with a smashed golden plate pattern - tribute to one of Agnès’ favourite ceramic plates from the XVIII century broken but now given a second life.  For the groom, black high collar short jacket is paired a white poplin shirt and a pair of white gabardine trousers, a symbol of Agnès early design creation in Versailles. A number of dresses are designed for the wedding guests: a sumptuous feast of colours such as Caribbean green, Bengali pink, and bright neon colours evoke joyful vibes for the newly wed.  

Cover photo by:
 Carl van Assche

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