lebua - The First In Thailand Declined World’s 50 Best Restaurants Award

While (many) others are salivating and having an appetite for receiving any credible restaurant awards from around the globe for where they have excelled in their culinary art manifestation and being recognized for their gastronomy capability, Deepak Ohri, the Chief Executive Officer of lebua in Bangkok has no hesitation to think twice to decline the inclusion presented by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants during the 2019 annual awards ceremony held recently. mylifestylenews writes.

lebua is renowned for its “On Top of The World” roof top dining and Bangkok’s pioneer Skybar that offers an unforgettable experience with breathtaking views of the city and beyond and the world’s first luxury vertical destination with acclaimed restaurants and bars, for every occasion is unforgettable and every moment is award-winning with lebua. With the refusal of declining the inclusion or any other association with World’s 50 best Restaurants, Ohri doubted in his comments that many restaurants dining awards aren’t fit or credible for what it takes, especially when it comes to the fine dining category. This year, the rules have been overhauled and the standard of voting and judging differs from the past by encouraging more diversity in the worlds finest restaurants elected by a panel of culinary experts and gender balance, despite the criticism that they already faced in previous years.

Dream big and Ohri has never stopped striving to bring the food & beverage scene to new heights of luxury since he inherited the 60-story plus golden dome lebua skyscraper in 2003. Ohri’s larger-than-life vision also focuses on the temptation of luxury and indulgence pervades the air as your every personal and professional need is attended to with unwavering, unobtrusive service, which makes for a timeless and elegant statement, as well as that recognized luxury experience. Perhaps this may not be the sort of award that Ohri would like to be recognized for, or to be included as an extra add-on to lebua’s accolades, but he does await to be acquainted with some other eminent and distinguished organizations. Will there be others to follow Ohri’ s footsteps in declining any discredited awards without any contradiction? We shall see what comes next.

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