A HEREFORD BEEFSTOUW - A Sublime Steak Venture

A memorable yummy-licious steak night out has always secured a very special place for those passionate “dine-hard’ fans who marvel at the supreme premium cuts. A Hereford Beefstouw in Melbourne is not only focusing on creating a sense of community for (regular) diners that book in for their fix of premium cuts steak and frites, the food here is fresh, unapologetically local and sublime. They do know their meat well. mylifestylenews writes.

If Melbourne diners have traditionally worshiped the new and fashionable, the city’s “historic restaurants” were mostly expensive steak houses, regarded with suspicion as musty relics and fine dining restaurants committed to a certain level of hospitality. The Melbourne culinary scene has always been shaken and stirred by the fresh generation of those can-do chefs with bright ideas and bold attitude whose deep sense of homegrown pride only sharpens their creative vision. In recent years, a new wave of fine dining restaurants has opened in some of the city’s most extraordinary renovated urban spaces. But, the influence of Melbourne multiculturalism on a classic Steak House (steak and frites) carries out the legacy to continue offering what-tastes-best on those prestige meats is worth a sinful and delectable pilgrimage.

You may have come to Melbourne 100 times but to explore the city with a more cultural laneway dining with fine food, discover and dive into the unknown is the best self- inspired etiquette to have - if you do call yourself a true foodie. And those word-of-mouth eateries are often offering the culinary rich experiences. As ever, location is crucial, tucked away in the funky and graffitied cobblestones laneway in Duckboard Place, the intriguing street entrance distinguished by artist Steen Jones soaring art wall mural is the landmark to look for by finding A Hereford Beefstouw the easiest way.

This is home to a fresh, Nordic inspired steakhouse brought to you by Tim Burvill and his Denmark based partner Lars Damgaard who have completely reinvented a tired inner city former office space. Tim and Lars already owned one A Hereford Beefstouw restaurant together in Adelaide which has built a stellar reputation over the past years for serving high quality steak. Lars also owns more than ten A Hereford Beefstouw restaurants across Denmark and Scandinavia, with the first established 45 years ago on a family property at Lund, near Herning in Denmark. Tim is an industry innovator and has the industry know-how and been producing dry aged beef (as A Hereford Beef) since 2014, primarily for A Hereford Beefstouw Adelaide and also for a select few chefs and a small number of specialty butchers in Adelaide. Embracing production methods of old to achieve optimum flavour and texture
results from the finest cuts of meat, Tim uses only grass raised beef for dry ageing delivering health benefits of a leaner cut than grain fed alternatives.

In dry ageing, the meat is hung in a cool room until the outer surface hardens, protecting the valuable meat underneath, while the flavour intensifies and natural enzymes begin to change and tenderize it. The result is a much more tender, naturally ‘beefier’ tasting beef. The award winning A Hereford Beef has been recognized nationally for its premium quality meat. In 2015, Tim built a state of the art dry ageing facility in the Adelaide Hills to meet the growing demand for dry aged beef at his Adelaide restaurant and in preparation for A Hereford Beefstouw opening in Melbourne then and now has become a mecca for carnivores is in no doubt a hidden treasure that offer that wow gourment culinary experience.

A Hereford Beefstouw exudes a chic dining concept created by the Danes that really wants to create something special. The wall similarly bare, with striking art work paintings that add a pop of colour to the already sleek designs contrasting the giant wines racked on walls down the hallways.

Expect a no-frills dining room and brisk exudes in cool Scandi design adorned with striking art works. Basic yet elemental, everything from lighting and cabinetry to tables, plates and cutlery are designed in house by the A Hereford Beefstouw family of designers and artisans. The unfussy ethos and sense of comfort with its cozy nooks invite lingering, with classy, understated and uncluttered decor that has a pared back feel of Nordic chic and some unconventional table shapes for larger numbers of which all is showcased on a base of simple wooden floors and a trail of lights that might be referencing the Nordic lights.

The open kitchen is a sense of space and sets the tone with buzzy energy and the chic and contemporary dining concept creates a sense of nature undertones that reflects a conscious design in a place where subtle detail has been meticulously planned and thoughtfully conceptualized and executed. Be dazzled by the restaurant’s new Spring menu to coincide with a move out of the dark days of winter, still packed with all of the house signature delicious premium cuts of dry- aged beef, adding some spring flavour to delight your palate.

<Oysters 1/2 Dozen>
A fresh start by tasting the sea with half a dozen of fresh pacific oysters that came with three different styles - natural, Kilpatrick and apple and herb oil that added a complimentary dimension to the fresh oyster which is mouth-watering, light and tasty flesh that was utterly moreish. Oysters don’t come much better than this and you can certainly fling yourself into the fresh flavour of the sea and spring well paired with the iconic 2022 Barossa Valley Rockford Vine Vale Riesling for its flavoursome subtle chalky grip, chamomile and flora notes with a rich almost fresh pineapple flavour as well as the dried pear, honey lime finish.

<Dry-Aged Beef Tartare>
This desirable version is a mixture of eye fillet and dry-aged rump steak with a ravigote dressing and sour dough crostini. The ravigote dressing is a combination of egg, capers, Dijon mustard, horseradish, chive and shallots and while similar to many others, this seemed to have an edge that we loved beyond others. This was a beef tartare to remember, with just the right piquancy and we could have eaten another portion as it was so good. The meat quality is to die for!

<Marinated Tuna>
This comes with avocado, lemon and brown butter vinaigrette with crispy garlic flakes that adds crunch and aromatic flavour on palate. Such a harmonious and delicious dish with four reasonable sliced sizes of tuna beautifully aligned and presented on dark stoneware. Each ingredient has its own say and nothing was overpowering. Simply delightful!

<Scampi Fritti>
By the look at it, you may think it is one of those kind of pub foods. Re-think! The scampi was deep-fried to golden brown and served with Madagascan pepper creamdeep-fried parsley and grilled lemon wedge. It was light and perfectly battered and the chunky prawn remains juicy and firm to the bite. A truly simple pleasure!

Further pursuing the menu, the generous 500g size of decadent eye fillet beef was the most perfectly cooked beef you could imagine – lean, tender, juicy, succulent and an absolute delight to enjoy. Come for the classics done honestly and brilliantly of their signature beef from the grill while primarily attracting diners for its specialization in the finest steaks.The accompanying side of Roasted Potatoes was a combination of browned butter mash, crispy thick cut Beer Battered Chips which were equally heavenly. Words fail us!

<Tomahawk Steak 1.5kg>
Tomahawaks are back by popular demand! A Hereford Beefstouw long brimmed with innovation and flavour, you would be remiss to leave without having tried this once outof supply Tomahawk. This sensational 200-day grain-fed with a minimum marble score of 3 is definitely ideal for sharing. Because of the size, it is carved tableside as a welcome ceremony. Absolutely divine! Both of our steak dishes were a standout and came with the choice of your preferred sauce, Béarnaise sauce, Pepper sauce and Truffle Butter. We had our favourites, but kept dipping into different ones for different taste sensations and they were equally divine on all counts. To offset the richness of the meat, Caesar Salad of cos lettuce topped with parmesan cheese and rosemary croutons, Marinated Beetroot with celeriac purée and tapioca pearls, Broccoli and Cauliflower with sesame dressing are the to-go-to sides order. Wine pairing was excellent and exploratory. The exciting 2015 Il Poggiolpo Brunello di Montalcino
especially is a knockout for our premium quality steaks. A lovely nose of strawberry, damson and rose as well as flint, tarragon and raw maple, this elemental wine is deep, earthy and embracing the ripe dark blackberry and cherry fruit is another delightful wine match.

<Sticky Date Pudding> 
We probably over-extended ourselves, but we really didn’t mind and of course, dessert just had to be tried, as we wanted to see how well rounded the kitchen was and they didn’t disappoint. As expected this classic execution came with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream with crunchy crumbs on the side to add a textural element that was unctuous and delectable.

<Gâteau Marcel>
This is a chocolate ganache extravaganza with rich and dark chocolate brownie cake topped with raspberry and is an absolute winner! Such a guilty pleasure and the luxury of having it served with vanilla ice cream just added to the extravagance. So delicious!

<Vanilla Panna Cotta>
While having two desserts is not enough to satisfy your craving, the Vanilla Panna Cotta would be the next best sweet tooth to go to. This was accompanied with a layer of passion fruit gelatine and was not your typical panna cotta, but we loved it. It was intense in flavor, dense in texture and utterly delectable! We decided to enjoy a 375ml of the 1998 ChâteauPineau du Rey Sauternes which was sumptuous and deliciously sticky, beautifully balanced sweetness with flavours of almond, raisin, apricot, honey and a zesty touch of lime in the finish. This is not to be missed and must be paired with these classic desserts and such happiness on the palate has to be enjoyed. An absolutely joyous combination of food and wine in a sweet French confectionery!

For those that wish to be more adventurous after dinner, they have an Armangnac wall, with vintages from 19
60-1997. This is one element that demonstrates A Hereford Beefstouw’s desire to stand out from the crowd and offer something a little more unique and tailored to diners that wish to have newexciting and further indulgence experiences. Of course, all good restaurants have steak on their menu, but we would defy anyone to show us a more passionate purveyor of supreme cuts of beef in so many different presentations and ageing processes and to have a kitchen brigade that renders each dish with perfection.

We were blown away with every element, including enthusiastic floor staff with warm service showing their passion with their well-informed product knowledge and putting each diner at ease with a warmth that is not always easy to find. Stephanie, our host for the evening made us feel very special and didn’t miss a beat. Like so many things about Melbourne, their food is an amalgamation of culture, shaped by the physical realities of this country. The New York steak house trend will come and go, but a prominent steak house is a rare find and A Hereford Beefstouw is here to stay. For a sublime taste to remember on an epic and heartfelt steak night out, A Hereford Beefstouw will definitely make your night worth while. They do know how to set the steaks on fire!

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 5/5
Experience: 5/5

In House Dried-Age Meat
Premium Wine Selection

A Hereford Beefstouw Melbourne
22 Duckboard Pl,
Melbourne VIC
Tel: +61 3 9654 8297

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated.
Photos by: Natalie Chong & Adelaine Chong


2023 秋冬廣企站台 ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN 擁抱超凡之美

2023 秋冬廣企站台

在迷人光影交错充满诗意乌代浦 (Udaipur) 拉札斯坦邦 (Rajasthan State) ,如此的梦幻场地布置透过 Dior 独特的拍摄手法,诚意权权呈献 2023 秋季时装展的创意之旅。自 1947 年举行的第一场时装展开始,为品牌提供源源不绝的灵感, 秋冬季的系列作品彰显这个国度众多的精湛手艺和无价的历史传承迷人的印度,不同的时装造型,与这座城市的奢华皇宫与华美寺庙互相辉映。

闪闪生辉的丝绸款式反映了传统印度连身裙的特色,包括绑结或直身半截裙、具建筑线条美感的大褛和上衣,以及缀饰精致垂褶的不对称连身裙。大胆的印花描绘了印度风光和想像,包括装饰恤衫长裤套装的印度动物主题图案,以及装饰丝绸睡衣的 Jardin Indien 和 Dior Indian Purple 图案,让人一见倾心。单色长版上衣采用极简线条,缀饰侧面钮扣,凸显黑色和白色的简约纯净。精湛手艺和源远流长的各种布料呈现出这些精美的刺绣,并缀饰在 Maria 阿姨设计的连身裙、半截裙或短袖上衣之上。让人爱不释手的经典 Dior Book Tote糅合美学、精湛工艺和高级时装,颂扬超凡入圣的手工作品。这一场迷人的历险延续 Dior 与这迷人国度结下的缘分。

Netflix 近期大热电影《Purple Hearts》的男主角Nicholas Galitzine由品牌好友大跃进成为FENDI首位环球男装代言人粉墨登场FENDI 2023/24年秋冬男装系列广企大片。广告由意大利艺术家Nico Vascellari担任创作总监和短片导演,以忠于FENDI本色的氛围烘托系列主打造型和配饰,彰显洒脱、性感和型格兼备的系列风格匠心融会细致与舒适,缔造奢华日常,在不经意间流露尔雅魅力,延续FENDI典雅中见创新的传统

双面茄士咩、精心加工的皮革和织花丝绸在的士高镜球反射的银白、靛蓝和紫红光芒映照下亮丽夺目,颂扬FENDI活用材质的精湛造诣。包裹身体的温暖外套与慵懒的针织和松垮的恤衫形成对比,叩问实用与人工之间的界线。缀有O’Lock拉链的披毡式大衣和斗篷,遮盖内里的罗纹茄士咩运动衫。双襟长褛配衬绸缎翻领、流苏衣摆或摇曳的金属贴饰,为层次丰富的穿搭增添刚劲纯粹的魅力。驼毛平织布、雪特兰羊毛法兰绒、喷涂羊绒皮和FF抓毛面料的质感丰富微妙,以蜡涂层和打磨技术加工的皮革或套染丹宁布呈现阴影效果,为单品平添古旧的气息。 配饰系列洋溢华丽与玩味兼备的魅力,以精湛的工艺探索正装的混搭风格。PeekabooBaguette Soft Trunk披上带有阴影效果的FF Eclissi字母标志图案,而黑色粒面皮革Baguette则在袋身缀上多个实用口袋。同样的皮革亦用于Baguette Soft Trunk,但换上具金属效果的银色。鞋履方面,Cuban高跟靴的鞋跟造型是带有凹槽的「F」字母标志,饶富雕塑美

全新Emporio Armani 2023/24秋冬系列广告大片由Gregory Harris掌镜,它引人猜想,继而以生动画面解答呈现电影般的黑白影像,描摹拟幻奇妙电影场景梦境广告大片以《Emporio Armani Magazine》中的图像与标志性城市景观为灵感,重申永恒精神。卡士阵容有演员Nicolas Maupas及模特儿Finn FarrellJeranimo Van RussellWilliam FranklynAkbar ShamjiMathieu SimoneauAleyna FitzgeraldGloria Maria Marie Teissonniere为广企站台,置身富有视觉冲击力与表现力的场景中身姿摆脱地心引力,倏然定格于时间。广告叙事介于超现实与现实之间,邀约观众踏上超越常规之旅,拥抱超凡之美。人与城市因能量、运动、对话和灵感而紧密连结,服装与配饰从中扮演标识和语言的双重角色。


TAKI - Huddle Around For A Heartwarming Japanese Meal

When you are craving Shabu Shabu and Yakiniku in Canberra, not too many options pop up. The new Tiger Lane dining precinct is the extension annex of the Canberra Centre and introduces a curated collection of modern and lively Asian food where you can find some new delectable bites, TAKI will satisfy two of your Japanese hot pot and BBQ cravings in one go. Itadakimasu! (Let’s Eat) mylifestylenews writes.

Fun and feisty, the name TAKI originates from the Japanese word for a waterfall and the imagery of TAKI is an interesting one and will not be self-evident. The legend of the Koi begins by the river, with a thousand golden Koi battling the current upstream in pursuit of the river’s mystical source. As it reaches the source of the stream, it is rewarded for its efforts and is transformed into a fable, golden dragon. Hence, the bubbling of the Shabu Shabu and the fire of the Yakiniku bring the fable to life in house at TAKI.

As beautiful and as versatile enhancing TAKI’s fun factor immensely with all the ancient fable imagery, the interior is not as exciting as the story, more of a minimalist zen motif interior floor plan, the semi open kitchen and bar strategically allocated in the middle of the entire restaurant and well laid out with two distinct dining areas serving up selections of Shabu Shabu and Yakiniku.

The Shabu Shabu section features traditional tatami mat seating, centred around a bubbling hot pot is a traditional form of communal dining in a group for friends and family uniting the friendship get-together. The other dining section is with a normal table setting with powerful exhaust systems that play a very key role with so much heat being generated over glowing coals that is brought to the table.

As the PR blurb goes, they are inviting you to discover the legend of TAKI, through a bespoke dining experience that let you choose your culinary journey. Why settle for one when you can have two? If you are lucky enough to score the private dining room like we did, you would be able to enjoy the best of both dining experiences simultaneously.

Bespoke cocktails seems to be the IT Drinks for the pre-dinner ritual especially in the local dining culture, so we were recommended two of their signature cocktails - The KONICHIWA  features sake, elderflower liqueur, apple cider, seasonal flowers and spritz as well as The SOUTH EAST SIDE  with cucumber infused gin, lime, syrup and mint, both sleekly presented. They may not be the best accompaniment with any dominating savouries to come but still best to enjoy with a light salad and snacks.

Crunchy Lotus Roots

<WAFU Salad>
A generous size of a bowl of mixed greens salad with radish, finely sliced daikon tsuma, lotus root, avocado, cucumber served with house dressing. If you look for that epic crunch as you munch the seasonal spring greens, this salad is simply refreshing that is great to enjoy along with the Yakiniku to cleanse and refresh the palate.

<Chicken Karage>
The bite-size pieces of chicken dusted with flour and deep-fried served with Kewpie mayo and a lemon wedge. Traditionally, the staple chicken snacker is marinated with soy sauce, sake, ginger and mirin to give a touch of sweetness and deep-fried to crispy gold brown on the outside and remain tender and juicy inside, yet TAKI’s version was rather bland and lacking in character or a signature element.

<Yakiniku> – TAKI Signature Platter
This signature platter showcases four different types of premium Wagyu cuts - The A5, Thin Karubi, Finger Rib and Diamond Cut with accompanying assorted mushrooms and thinly sliced pumpkin, well placed on a bamboo rack sitting on a large blue stoneware. The contrast of the entire presentation is rather colourful and inviting. DIY is the way to enjoy these succulent meats to be cooked table-side over an open high flame glowing coals grill. Three different salts (smoke salt/sea salt/citrus salt) are given to enjoy with the meat as well as two of their homemade Yakiniku sauce and ponzu sauce. As we had hoped, the top grade A5 Wagyu just melts in your mouth, denotes ideal firmness, texture, colour and marbling with a richness of flavor to be savoured. As the flame draws out the rich umami flavour of the beef for the melting effect, medium rare to medium is the ultimate way to savour such a premium cut. The chunky Finger Rib and meaty Thin Karubi were also enjoyable, but the pre-marinated Diamond Cut was the next best bit, being so tasty and tender and the vegetables are always a nice way to diverge from the richness of the meat.

<Shabu Shabu> - Chanko Nabe
We chose the Chanko Nabe – The Sumo Hot pot that is inspired by one of the staple foods of famous sumo wrestlers in Japan. This nabemono miso soup base hotpot is light and tasty, packed with protein from seafood, chicken and chunks of pork belly for a guaranteed satisfaction even for the largest of appetites. The ingredients are half cooked before they are presented at the table accompanied by lots of vegetables and noodles (Udon noodles was served). There is a lot to enjoy in one pot and with the mix of ingredients and certainly is a well-rounded meal fit for hungry champions.

<Ice Cream>
While dessert has not much of a choice, either you go for the infused Matcha Tiramusi or ice cream, we opted for one scoop of Black Sasame ice cream and another scoop of Hōjicha ice cream both served separately on cookie crumble to finish the feast and this provides a palate change that was pleasantly enjoyable.

TAKI has only been opened a few months back, but the service still has a way to go. While the restaurant was not that busy for a week night, we found the service patchy and not always logically thought through. A little disorganized with the sequence of bringing in the utensils initially no tongs for the Yakiniku and no ladle for the Shabu Shabu even after the food was presented, so a bit haphazard. It needs to be more seamless and tables preset based on what they have booked. It has potential to be a more elevated experience in terms of service. For foodies looking for Yakiniku or Shabu Shabu with some quality meat in store, it will hit the spot!

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 4/5
Service: 3.5/5
Value For Money: 3.5/5
Experience: 3.5/5

Canberra Centra
148 Bunda Street, Canberra, 
ACT Australia
Tel: +61 0432 028 852 

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated.


CHAT THAI @ Loaded With Fresh Thai Flavours & Fun

Great city location in the Sydney CBD on bustling Campbell Street and well situated right opposite the Capitol Theater, already a queue outside and buzzing inside with so much life and vibe, CHAT THAI in Haymarket delivers the authentic Thai flavors from local street food to restaurant delights that will have your tongue dancing from one palate to another. mylifestylenews writes.

Centrally located, the luminous Chat Thai is welcoming you with the urban vibe within the Haymarket and Chinatown precinct. Despite being told by one of the wait staff that the night was relatively quiet on a Friday night and not overly busy on their perennial standard, the 7pm -ish prime time dining is hard to get in, thanks to the prior reservation made weeks ago. The buzz was definitely there, through the pretty entrance and the narrow hallway, the deeper we walked in, the louder it gets, the vibrant ambience is like in a mini market place with table settings quite close to each other to keep the formality away and introduces a more friendly and inviting dining experience.

Interior design is so cool. Exposed brick walls with colorful artwork and hippy lighting fixtures in multi-coloured glass balls that is eye-catching and really sets the scene for a simple but fun and vibrant interior. A mezzanine floor occupied even more early diners that were ready to break their early fast by savouring the gastronomic Thai delights.

Same Same but Different! The Menu focuses on true local Thai street food flavors, tropical yet sinfully tasty and most importantly, the fare is not high-end, Thai-accented and delectable comfort food is expected here. From the colours, the spice, the freshest ingredients to the taste and satisfaction, the aroi mak mal umami sensation is here to find. You may need some time to navigate the colorful menu booklet, easily loaded with hundreds of items, all speedily served in a timely manner from the tiny smoky kitchen where the sound of the tossing wok can be seen and heard dramatically and the inviting oil fumes aroma that permeate out to the dining area from the semi-closed kitchen door. If you are not careful, you may end up over ordering as everything seems too delicious to be true. So, pick wisely!

<Sai Ouah>
With two light Thai Singha beers to start with, that helps to quench our thirst on a dry winter night, Sai Ouah - the house spicy pork sausage with aromatic herbs and chilli - is best way to kick start the Thai sojourn. Lightly char-grilled on the outside with a light crispiness on the skin and the meaty sausage was sliced in a mouthful bite size, well placed around a flat white plate and topped with a small bed of tossed green salad and julienned ginger. The flesh remained moist, the chunk of meat is smoky and a triumph of flavour, so tender and delicious. A must order! On the bonus side, if you are up for spicy dipping, ask for the Nahm Jim seafood dipping sauce that certainly would elevate the already delectable sausages.

<Gai Yang>
Char-grilled turmeric and lemongrass marinated chicken with nahm jim jaew. The smoked chilli flakes and tamarind sauce is a sweeter version dipping sauce that goes harmoniously with the lightly crispy boneless chicken. Ancient flavors are being treated with decidedly traditional culinary techniques and thinking that makes the chicken simply so tender and juicy and delivers such a fabulous char-grilled flavor. Divine!

<Pork Ribs>
Simple dish cooked best! The chunky and meaty pork ribs were char-grilled to lightly burnt on the side for the smokey effect and flavour, served alongside with nahm jim jaew dipping sauce which is the perfect foil for the rich pork ribs.  So tasty and enjoyable and a total guilty pleasure!

ad Kana Moo Krob>
This is another popular and authentic wok-fried dish with crispy pork belly slices and Chinese Kale, coated in spicy, sweet, salty and slightly sour sauce that is simply sensational! A bowl of steamy hot jasmine rice is best to go with the complexity of the savoury palate. It is such a common and delectable Thai comfort food dish that delivers a sensational flavour.

<Phad Thai
 Goong Woon Sen>
Stir-fried thin glass noodles with prawns, hen's egg, dried shrimps, bean sprouts, garlic chives, well tossed over speedy high heat with tamarind and palm sugar (including peanuts). This complex smoky flavoursome Phad Thai is to “dine for" and achieved by cooking all the freshest ingredients over extreme heat and ensure the flavour develops while simultaneously retaining the textural crunch. It is simply so irresistible!

Pad Krapow Gai>
Usually we go for Pad Krapow Moo instead of Gai (minced pork over minced chicken) but strangely the server told us that they do not serve pork for this popular by demand dish but minced chicken instead. However, this spicy holy Thai basil stir-fried minced chicken didn't disappointment either. It was stir-fried in high heat, short and precise to generate the smoky flavour as well as not being overly cooked with the delicate texture of the minced meat that has a significant impact on its flavour. This was picture perfect in all ways and was so tasty, with the right spice level, smoky in flavours and great seasoning. If you are readily taking in the local flavour, a generous amount of hot bird eye chili padi is no stranger for this holy-spicy dish and that is how it shall be served and enjoyed. Another bowl of jasmine is a no brainer and is an absolute winner!

<Gaeng Daeng Bped>
This is a red curry of five spice roast duck with pineapple, lychee and Thai basil and could not be faulted, with a stunning taste and unctuous flavor - it’s spicy, rich and fragrant and is one of the best we have ever had and even better than some in Thailand. The roasted duck was so tender and delicious, soaked up the creamy curry entirely and just the right level of spice and sweetness for a flavour explosion. It is utterly moreish!

<Mango Sticky Rice>
While we were about to call it a night, our wait staff insisted us to try two of their hot-selling fast desserts. We forcefully accepted the offer in a delighted manner by having the Mango Sticky Rice with a fabulous presentation where the freshly cut mango was presented in a rose petal motif on the plate and so sweetly delicious without being overly sweet, served alongside a large scoop of sticky rice overly drenched with coconut cream and topped with crispy mung bean and garnished with pandan leaf. The mango is a great way to cool down the palate after all the spicy food.

<Par Tuhng Go>
Mini pillowy flash fried dough sticks served with coconut pandan custard. The dough stick is so perfectly deep fried to golden brown without much traces of oil and the custard is delectably sweet to end a solitary heavy meals.

Thai food can be so complex because of all the essential ingredients and our evening was full of rich flavors that were to be savored and were so authentic in execution (as they should be) and in our estimation all dishes were better than some of our memorable experiences in Thailand, so kudos to the kitchen brigade for providing such a memorable evening. The service is extremely efficient and friendly and they ask you when you want the next course to be served by frequently checking on your table, as the food can come out very quickly. Across the ocean thousand miles away from the actual Land of Smiles, you'll be proud to shout out loud "I LOVE THAI FOOD" or more intimately "I LOVE THAILAND" after you walk out from CHAT THAI having both your hands holding up your blow up balloon-ish stomach and perhaps saying a word or two in THAI – Khop Khun Krap with your greatest appreciation by having had such a great time that has utterly delighted your palate with such Thai craving. CHAT THAI is an exciting find in Sydney loaded with fresh Thai flavors and fun.

Image Credit: Copyright of CHAT THAI

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 4.5/5

20 Campbell Street,
Haymarket, Sydney
NSW Australia
Tel: +61 2 9211 1800

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