Dior Cruise 2023 Advertising Campaign

Dior cruise 2023 collection is a journey of discovery and reflection. The locations chosen provide a spectacular backdrop for a procession of garments that come together to form a défilé,  echoing the history of the House and its desire to seek out original collaborations inspired by their native territories. The icon of this collection is La Capitana, the name given to Carmen Amaya. With her freedom to dance that did not submit to any rule, she represented the essence of Flamenco. An artist with singular, revolutionary movements, she was the first dancer in her field to dress in men’s clothing, combining power and fragility through her art. Expressing the soul of Spain, she continues to embody a conscious and plural femininity.  From the SS1956 haute couture Bal à Séville dress designed by Christian Dior  to the Plaza de España – built for the 1929 Ibero American Exposition to embrace the richness of the cultures that have shaped Spain and represent its multitudes real and metaphorical places abolish borders by rethinking the dress codes that inspire fashion. In this intense atmosphere, depicted in the chiaroscuro of some of Goya’s paintings and through the words of Federico García Lorca, a creative process was born, melding fascination, homage, interpretation and restitution.

Among other references, the looks evoke the Duchess of Alba, a legendary character who rode horses with Jackie Kennedy in a short jacket, high waisted pants and a wide-brimmed hat worn on an angle. But also, red, black, and mantillas. Elsewhere, the abundance of embroidery that adorns the venerated Madonna della Macarena’s gowns takes on the role of a sacred ritual in a choreography that suspends the body into an iconic image. The emblematic Manila shawl retells the stories and journeys of the communities that created and wore it. The tale of these nomadic objects is narrated using multiple voices: note the men’s pinstripe suits, the pants worn with suspenders, the silk-lined waistcoats; the white shirts; the Andalusian horsemen’s pants; the short jackets adorned with brandebourg closures; the trimmed boleros that make the silhouette even more slender; the sleeves that can flare out like a cape. Shimmering taffeta in red, yellow, ochre, black is sculpted into exuberant skirts that symbolize both Dior and Spain.  Carefully considered volumes elevate the contrasts; lace appears in manifold forms; the Bar jacket is reinvented in black velvet embroidered with various gold threads. This Dior cruise event is thus transformed by Maria Grazia Chiuri into a meeting of emotions and intentions, conveying an idea of fashion that is both of the everyday and of the extraordinary, wherein the creations celebrate the multiplicity of the visions of femininity.


HARRY WINSTON Celebrates Valentine’s Day with New Timepieces

HARRY WINSTON celebrates the Valentine's Day with an exquisite limited-edition timepiece from its iconic Avenue collection. Inspired by the intense feelings of love, beautiful cabochons and precious gemstones perform a delightful dance on the dial, chaperoned by the elegant silhouette of the gleaming diamond and ruby-set Avenue case. Since 2016, the House of HARRY WINSTON has celebrated every Valentine’s Day with an exceptional timepiece. Continuing the tradition, 14 white gold watches from the Avenue Classic series come to light to relay a vibrant and uplifting message of love, written in precious gemstones and mother-of-pearl. Like the merry-go-round of emotions and sensations associated with romance and love, the hearts and brilliant-cut gemstones on the dial of this Avenue Classic Valentine seem to be dancing in time to a musical score. As with many timepieces from HARRY WINSTON, mother-of-pearl plays a leading role in the composition, and this joyful dance of love is performed on a shimmering white mother-of-pearl stage. The prominent, three-dimensional motif rising in the center of the dial is expertly inlaid with shades of red mother-of-pearl. Whether it is interpreted as the twirling skirts of an extravagant red ball gown or, if you prefer, the silhouette of a merry-go-round, the design ripples with motion. Representing love’s manifold expressions, the plump pink and red cabochon mother-of-pearl hearts recreate the blushing tenderness of young love. On the other hand, the luscious pink sapphires and fiery red rubies evoke passionate love, while the eternal brilliance of diamonds symbolizes the glow of everlasting love. The composition delivers a positive boost of energy and is an invitation to seize the moment and live your love every minute of the day. In keeping with the romantic spirit of the timepiece, diamond indexes mark the hours and the signature emerald-shaped HARRY WINSTON white gold applique at noon is filled with glossy red.

Named after New York’s celebrated Fifth Avenue – home to HARRY WINSTON’s Flagship Salon – the Avenue collection embraces the stylish, streamlined geometry of the Art Deco period when Mr. Winston founded his namesake business in 1932. Gently cambered to ensure a perfect fit on the wrist, the classic gem-set arches recreate the famous arched doorway of HARRY WINSTON’s Flagship Salon. Naturally adorned with precious stones, the bezel of the 18-karat white gold case is illuminated with 27 brilliant-cut diamonds. To signal the timepiece as a unique Valentine’s Day creation, 22 brilliant-cut rubies have been expertly set in the flanks of the case and in the crown, while a sumptuous heart-shaped ruby culminates in the arch at noon. The Avenue Classic Valentine is fitted with a highend Swiss quartz movement designed for carefree maintenance and ideal for everyday enjoyment. Matching the color scheme of the dial, the seamless alligator strap is a pearly red color and comes with an 18-karat white gold ardillon buckle set with six brilliant-cut diamonds. Limited to just 14 pieces, the Avenue Classic Valentine is delivered in a beautiful white gift box decorated with hearts.




年又过年,共庆欢乐团圆.......农历春节虽已过了一半,亦消耗了不少能量,但不减添置新衣裳的雅兴。万人共欢独剩余孤寂,阖家团圆,年初九拜天公庆典持续喜迎兔年接新春,气氛更浓,为新年带来欢欣新气象,动如脱兔。各大品牌施展浑身解数,实行要你不可力抗这初九的诱惑,共同believe in wonder,继续 live the Lunar New Year high spirit,齐来庆贺癸卯兔年,兔气扬名

GUCCI开动缤纷新春模式,延续革新奢华时尚的使命,利用细致的笔触勾勒兔子的各种憨态,以多款充满玩味的别注系列单品揉合缤纷的色彩、印花和装饰细节,表达灵兔所代表的聪敏、健康和长寿,高姿态去迎接满载喜气洋洋的节日氛围。由Max Siedentopf拍摄的广告企划色彩缤纷,予人生机勃发之感,呼应春回大地的节日喜气。三五知己在繁花似锦的梦幻场景中偶遇一群兔子,花团锦簇的色彩烘托系列单品,轻松和感性的时光在这片田园风景中交替,柔和的晨曦预告新一年的来临。

GIVENCHY创意总监 Matthew M Williams 从纽约、巴黎、洛杉矶、上海、东京等地汲取灵感,与迪士尼联手打造一趟「独一无二的环球旅程」,将幸运兔奥斯华Oswald the Lucky Rabbit的淘气活泼个性,与他为品牌塑造的独特美学视野完美结合成就具收藏价值及体现冒险精神的限量设计,再次引领流行文化热潮共贺新春佳节,并歌颂迪士尼的百年传奇志庆来迎接吉祥兔年 。知名美术指导兼摄影师 Julian Klincewicz为是次合作企划和奥斯华的环球旅程,制作了一段混合现实短片,并请来 Madelaine Petsch、Amber Liu和Alton Mason参演与奥斯华一同踏上梦幻冒险之旅 。

FENDI独家推出的新春别注系列灵感源自Marc Jacobs为Baguette®手袋诞生25周年系列及庆典设计的FENDI Roma标志,并重新演绎,以夺目造型点缀品牌经典款式及崭新设计,为农历新年染上红白二色,作为别注系列的主色,象征新年的吉祥喜庆,以至一系列成衣单品去喜迎兔年的来临。成衣系列处处可见Marc Jacobs重新设计的全幅特大红白配色FENDI Roma标志,针织半截裙及毛衣套装饰、棉质平织布卫衣及T恤、经典白色恤衫、运动裤套装两侧、口袋设计、深灰色牛仔裤及牛仔外套套装缀以红色缝线等等。夺目耀眼的标志亦化作圆领毛衣及扣钮开襟毛衣上的织花嵌花,并延申到不同款式的经典FENDI的皮革手袋如Peekaboo ISeeU Petite、Baguette、Phone Baguette、Mini Sunshine Shopper、Nano Fendigraphy及一款向兔年致敬的兔仔造型袖珍手袋,可互相配搭。同时间亦推出同款配饰去点缀深灰色经典FF图案万用袋、腰包及相机袋,织品配饰包括丝巾及wrappy丝布、羊毛斗篷及渔夫帽,饰以同款图案及色调,包罗万有为节庆造型画龙点睛。

Giorgio Armani延续和全球形象代言人胡歌及甄点了中国区品牌形象大使童瑶各自穿上全身的新年男女装系列,去演绎内敛色调贯彻隽永优雅,灵兔腾跃经典徽标,寓意团圆圆满,悦动呈祥。针织银线交叠紫韵浮光,浮雕暗纹映现花好月美,承载新岁意象。黑未必佳,但百无禁忌,型得有理。

TOMMY HILFIGER 更和由著名荷兰作家和插画家 Dick Bruna 于 1955 年创作的 Miffy携手呈献 TOMMY X MIFFY活力十足的系列,结合活泼学院风格来庆贺兔年。学院风外套、斜纹棉布裤、榄球衫、大学卫衣和棒球帽等现代经典款式均饰有 Miffy 标志,并以品牌的标志性红色和蓝色原色呈现。这个联乘反映品牌的不羁、乐观精神、勇于冒险、乐于接受新体验, 以及坚持不懈的积极态度;而灵兔代表乐观、机智和幸运,同时并体现了品牌长期以来与影响几代人受追捧人物合作的热情,以欢快的自我表达方式庆贺农历新年。


VALENTINO Presents 2023 Lunar New Year Capsule Collection

Maison Valentino presents the Valentino Rosso Toile Iconographe capsule collection to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2023. This dedicated collection is a tribute to the Chinese culture, particularly to the relevance of the red shade as a symbol of the most important festival of the lunar year: Valentino’s iconic Rosso color is exquisitely interpreted, bringing the feels and blessings of festivity and reunion.

The Maison honors this special occasion with a unique dedicated selection of items and Valentino Garavani accessories, all characterized by the Rosso color and Valentino Toile Iconographe, the new pattern of the iconic VLogo launched during the Unboxing Valentino Spring/Summer 2023 show.

Essential wardrobe items including shirts, capes, dresses, shorts, skirts and knitwear - all characterized by the in the unmistakable red nuance and precious embroidery - feature the totalizing VLogo, key element of this exclusive capsule.

The pattern also reoccurs on the
Valentino Garavani Rosso Toile Iconographe accessories including the Valentino Garavani Le Troisième Toile Iconographe small tote, the Valentino Garavani Le Cinquième Toile Iconographe bucket bag and the Valentino Garavani Toile Iconographe boots, bucket hat, foulard and scarf bandeaux, all sharing linear and minimal silhouettes that fit perfectly for everyday.

Looks are completed by the Valentino eyewear collection, composed by the finest sunglasses envisioned with Akoni.

Undisputed protagonist is also the 
Valentino Garavani Locò bag in the Rosso version, an expression of the metropolitan and festive atmosphere that animates the season: this compact double handle bag, with a nineties allure, features a flap with a VLogo Signature clip closure, embodying the evolution of the iconic codes of the Maison.

Maje Presents 2023 Lunar New Year Capsule Collection

Maje presents the <Rabbit Girl On The Moon> 2023 Lunar New Year capsule collection features Chinese model - Cici Xiang, who plays out the story of a brisk and dreamy Maje Girl chasing the moon, bringing classic Chinese elements to the Maje way of wearing the knitted sweaters, the wool coats and French dresses, piecing out a perfect festive outfit for your reunion moments, but also staying chic and sublime.

Captured in soft colors, in an authentic and straightforward way, Cici appears to be her best self and speaks out her personality in every detail by putting on the Lunar New Year collection, flows in the beautiful moonshine on set.

No filter or any covering up, she interacts with the Moon, a symbol for free pursuit and reunion, oozing a romantic but inspirational vibe to show the authentic self.


MONCLER Presents 2023 Lunar New Year Capsule Collection

Moncler has teamed up with adored icon, Roger Rabbit, for a capsule collection of fun and versatile full looks, brought to life by a campaign starring Global Brand Ambassador Wang Yibo. The star of innovative multi-Academy Award-winning blockbuster, ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’, animates full looks for men, women, and children.

A preppy, collegiate direction defines the capsule, led by letterman jackets in pink and 
navy colorways, crafted in luxurious lightweight coated nylon, emblazoned with Moncler graphics, and embroidered Roger Rabbit patches. A reversible hooded windbreaker with all-over print packs portable flair and function. Mix-and match and mini-me pieces for families and couples offer plenty of scope for co-ord moments. Intarsia knit press-stud cardigans layer with tracksuits, tees, and hoodies, as well as accessories - from baseball caps to fun graphic socks.

To celebrate the family-friendly collection, Global Brand Ambassador Wang Yibo stars alongside a multigenerational 
cast in an out-of-this-world fashion story. Inspired by this optimistic time of year, when loved ones of all generations come together to celebrate, photographer Sky’s futuristic vision of unity sets the tone for a harmonious and light hearted New Year.