GAIA Group Presents The Blissful Harmony Mooncake Gift Set

Gaia Group Introduces the Blissful Harmony Mooncake Gift Set features a range six different traditional and innovative flavors. The traditional flavors include the Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake, with and without egg yolk. This classic filling is made of plump fresh lotus seeds that is seasoned with an exclusive recipe for a delicate balance of sweetness, while the egg yolk provides a boost of umami.  For something more savory to be indulged on the Assorted Nuts with Premium Chinese Ham Mooncake, featuring a combination of premium Chinese ham and assorted nuts, such as walnuts, almonds, melon seeds, sesame seeds and olive kernels. A standout amongst the creative flavors is the Salted Egg Yolk with Meat Floss Mooncake - an exclusive new flavor curated by Gaia Group Creative Ambassador Lokyi Lai. Using only the finest selected meat floss to be paired with the rich and fragrant salted egg yolk for a balanced savory profile, this mooncake truly elevates these ordinary ingredients to an extraordinary melt-in-the-mouth sensation. For the coffee-lovers, the Aromatic Roasted Coffee Mooncake uses exquisite coffee beans that are handpicked and perfectly roasted to create a rich aromatic fragrance. Last but not least is the Refreshing Lemon Cheese Mooncake. The perfect combination of refreshing lemon and creamy cheese creates a delightful tangy taste! A pleasant Western twist to the traditional mooncake for a brand new gastronomic experience.


GIORGIO ARMANI AW2033/23 Men's Advertising Campaign

GIORGIO Armani AW2033/23 Men's Advertising Campaign stars Scott Eastwood and was shot by Mert and Marcus (photographer duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott) and styled by Anna Dello Russo. The campaign features the actor Eastwood in a minimal film that alternates between colour and black-and-white. A man, whose strong personality emerges, is portrayed in an environment reduced to a pure geometric backdrop in which the sole scenic element is an armchair with a square structure. 

His direct gaze to the camera and the poses he adopts reinforce his sensual and mindful physicality. Clothes, accessories and glasses smoothly accompany body and gestures to express an elegant sobriety.


Giuseppe Zanotti Introduces The Cobras Gold Edition Sneaker

Giuseppe Zanotti introduces the latest version of the iconic sneaker: Cobras, Gold Edition which made its debut last year is shedding its skin this Fall to make way for a new streetstyle king. Like the original sneaker, the engineered, fantastical low-top features a 3D cobra that wraps around the body of the shoe, its head slyly sitting atop the toe. However, the exclusive new style goes one step further with the snake motif is coated in a sleek gold patina. A stark contrast against optical white or inky black leather, the gilded new tread transforms the sneaker into a kind of modern-day talisman: iconic, bold and invigorated with confidence and swagger. From its scaled and sculpted golden body to its eyes set with crystals to the gilded serpent pattern reappearing on the sole, the Cobras Gold Edition is akin to a phoenix rising to new heights.  “I have always been fascinated with the powerful symbolism of the snake,” says Giuseppe Zanotti. “For this special new edition, I wanted to evoke even more power—almost regal-like, long-standing and precious, a kind of unearthed ancient relic reimagined for today.”


Dior Fall 2022 Advertising Campaign

Dior Fall 2022 advertising campaign reflects a renewed sense of self-affirmation, highlighting a powerful, multiform femininity. It pays homage to the fascinating figures who contributed to Monsieur Dior’s success, from sister Catherine to muse Mizza Bricard and loyal collaborator Marguerite Carré. With her Dior Fall 2022 line, Maria Grazia Chiuri initiated a dialogue between the history of Dior and the contemporary world, which has now been brought to life through group portraits shot by Alice Mann.

The emblematic Dior family burlap bags have been transformed into a symbol of sisterhood – in keeping with a major inspiration for the line, namely uniforms – with the motto “L'union fait la force” (“Strength through unity”) adorning skirts and jackets, alongside the iconic Dior Book Tote. The daring looks come alive for the South African artist’s lens, expressing fundamental values such as togetherness and sharing. The final surprises are the unmissable Lady D-Joy, Lady Dior, Dior Vibe and Diorcamp, all of which are the quintessence of Dior style. These images are imbued with a collective force that celebrates the heritage, vision and inventiveness of the house of Dior.


Bernardaud Presents 2022 Novelties With An Amazing Visual Journey

Bernardaud relaunched the Legende collection, that’s a result of research conducted over 40 years ago in the company’s workshops; the Tanga & Bikini collection expresses the exotic atmosphere of the Pacific Islands; the new Lampions LED lamps, with exquisite carvings which provide cozy and soft lighting enjoyment for our daily life. The Tanga and Bikini vases offer a real journey at the heart of the Pacific Islands. The sun, corals, big shells and exotic birds... Marco Mencacci, inspired by the motifs of the traditional Oceanian costumes, relates through his decorations the life and the luxuriant nature of these earthly paradises.

The new technologies used by the house have made it possible to revisit Legende, a collection that is a result of research on engraving conducted over forty years ago in the company’s workshops. These vases bear a design that is typical of the ever popular 1960’s style. The redesigned, organic version of Legende has distorted and hypnotic engravings on matte porcelain which offers movement and light effects.




千呼万唤引颈已待的FENDACE终于在六月面世,系列卖个满堂红,热切被追捧的部份单品一早已沽清售罄,深收双方品牌死忠粉丝爱戴。先别说此角色交换的系列是否你杯茶,品牌固然了解市场需求,实行食住条水,适逢上个月的世界彩虹盛典Pride Month,六月也可飞霜,并没冤情;Pride In Your Eyes荣耀的眼神满泻,在这充满著激情和情深满载的节庆,Versace再度携手和万人爱戴及永久彩虹之星的殿堂级传奇巨星雪儿Cher来个玩味的CHERDACE限定系列,再创口碑。
才明白被爱的               能活得这样勇敢
CherDonatella Versace携手组成的CHERSACE,为2022年的Pride Month打造限定系列,以支持Gender Spectrum,一个致力为性别多元化青年的身心健康,及其社区提供协助的慈善组织,好让弱细社群明白到被爱的,可活得更为勇敢。CherDonatella份属多年老友,LGBTQ Pride成为了她们第一次合作的好时机,决定透过设计有趣的系列行善,支持并颂扬这个对意义重大的社群。限定系列带来印有CHERSACE标志时尚的T裇、帽和袜子,以及宣扬爱和团结的Pride Month标语。于美国限定发售的T裇更附有CherDonatella Versace 的亲笔签名,并以色彩缤纷的人造钻石点缀,并将部分销售收益将拨捐予相关慈善组织。Donatella 更高帽呼应一直很渴望与Cher合作,现在终于梦想成真,强强联手支持和发挥更强的正能量。
同时间开崔的FENDACE,其广告大片视频亦同行发布,由魅力四射的超模们出镜演绎。Adut AkechAmar AkwayAnja RubikAnok YaiImaan Hammam和张丽娜等穿著华丽的FENDACE服装,穿梭隐隐入耳的音乐,向身边的朋友飞吻问候,并穿过人群队走到队伍的最前面。以 FENDACE为暗号步入别树一格的 FENDACE专属俱乐部。入口处严肃的保镖不是别人,正是两位令人仰慕的超模Naomi CampbellKristen McMenamy,只要通过这里,她们就可以放飞自我,尽情狂欢,众人被友谊环绕,激发无限的乐趣。
埋头做愿你可               能为我骄傲更多
广告大片由Steven Meisel掌镜,呈现出无限美妙的乐趣和敢做敢为的魄力,充分保持了创作的自由感,并呼应了去年9FendiVersace首次联手推出的创意时装秀。这是一次角色的互换,并非联名,设计师Kim JonesSilvia Venturini FendiVersace注入自己的独特视角,Donatella Versace则以自己的非凡愿景重塑Fendi。友谊是一切的出发点,广告片中捕捉了彼此的友谊和能量,赞颂久别重逢的美好,致意了那些带给他俩巨大灵感的女性,让FENDACE永远成为爱的象征,骄傲更多,呈现奢华的FENDACE体验。
假使我有奇迹              跟你创最愉快
FENDACE的推出是时尚界重创话题的一环,多种出众的造型呈现了该系列的共同愿景,一方面体现Versace极尽奢华的穿衣理念,另一方面凸显Fendi的精美配饰和精湛工艺。印花和色彩醒目而富有情感,颇有趣味的标志被完全融合,镶嵌宝石的配饰和珠宝则结合了双方的品牌元素。FENDACE PeekabooBaguette手袋等设计结合了Fendi的标志性手袋轮廓与Versace的经典元素,而FENDACE La Medusa手袋采用了FendiFF logoVersaceMedusa头像标志,完美体现该系列独特设计的核心是对两个时尚品牌的致敬,一同光荣改写下半生,共创愉快奇迹。